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Recovery Huts is seeking sponsor financing to ensure adequate supplies of our huts are stored in strategic locations world-wide at the ready when disasters strike. Please contact us if you are interested in being a sponsor.

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Our huts offer superior weather protection, occupant privacy, sanitation and security, free from mold, mildew and rot, structural support and design adaptability for a wide range of domestic and commercial services and equipment, and almost indefinite field service life – all of which show respect and appreciation for resettling disaster victims back permanently into a proud and proper place in a developing world.

Best of all our integrated modular system delivers a way for victimized populations to choose to move past the sadly dismal sheltering stereotype often the result of mindless ‘tent cities’,  debris shacks and rudimentary final resettlements – helping ensure that they can actually be far ‘better off’ than before disasters have struck. All this amounts to a completely new sheltering paradigm.

The greater the understanding of how stymied are the main shelter choices now in use – debris shacks and plastic-covered frames – and the greater the understanding of the inherent advantages of advanced materials, technologies and structural systems and innovative modular design – the greater is the urgency to introduce Recovery Huts to improve disaster relief field service to the highest possible level.

Recovery Huts is a not-for-profit corporation offering advanced sheltering for disasters and other emergencies, as well as a full range of multi-purpose shelters for homeless and prison-overflow housing, for first-responder fire fighters, oil cleanup crews, urban power brownout utility crews, for farm worker housing, immigration holding and health isolation huts, and many more.

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Recovery Huts has presented before university and professional humanitarian groups and agencies, scheduled for publication in news media, to be featured in a Brazilian Design magazine, in a new book on shelter design, scheduled to demonstrate at IDEC11, Jakarta.

Recovery Huts are durable and strong for supporting electrical, lights and plumbing equipments, shelves, suitable for permanent resettlement housing.

Our huts can quickly be demobilized, pressure washed/sanitized and thoroughly dried for long-term storage – preventing the mold and mildew associated with fabric structures.

Once their field life is finally over, they can be collected, shredded and recycled into any number of usable products, leaving no environmental trace.